360⁰ Advertising Solution

Target Similar Audience

Smart marketing platform using real time data to target new consumers

with intelligent ads that are automatically generated from your e-shop

Behavior Algorithms Predict And Recommend Relevant Products to Relevant Audience

Browsing history | Previous Searches | Past purchases
Shopper actions insightful data - Know what they want

Our smart marketing platform analyses billions of data signals in real time to determine the most relevant products worth recommending to attract new consumers into your e-commerce store. We optimize this data and recommend your products to millions of new consumers, all of them very likely to make a purchase from your e-shop.

Turn all your products into responsive ads instantly in real time

TargetingBase can auto-generate thousands of dynamic ads for you. We grab the information from your e-shop (product title and photo, price and call-to-action) and create ads for desktop and mobile devices automatically and in real time. Each user will be displayed with a unique ad design and relevant products according to his/her online behavior. Intelligent Ads - optimized for best performance.

Achieve your growth goals - Improve ROI

Our algorithms target new users and retarget previous visitors who are likely to buy and then calculate the right amount to bid for them. Our dynamic bid price technology ensures that you will achieve your marketing goals.

Access to billions of shoppers who are most likely to buy from you

TargetingBase covers 250+ countries and devices ranging from desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets. We work with top advertisers and publishers around the world so you can reach new customers in the geographic regions you want.

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